eShowCase Interactive Way-Finding System is the leading digital information system for commercial use in property management, public area, events and exhibitions.

Your imagination and design can be showcase in full details of high-definition graphics, animation, multimedia files. It is an engaging way to bring people together to engage them in fun activity and unique experience between brands and audience. An ecofriendly display system to save production costs and reduce waste in traditional printing.

The innovative technology supports the fastest reaction time and smooth movements of touch-screen interactive technology. eShowCase is the first interactive way-fingind system that supports High Definition Graphics and Multimedia Files (1920 x 1080p) with Touchscreen Interactive (Upgradeable to WQUXGA Super High Definition 3,840p x 2,400p). eShowCase can link up to database to display real-time information updates. The online remote control features enables instant update of content and design via internet connection, anytime, anywhere.

World Trade Centre
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